Online Texas Seller-Server Training - $12.95

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Online Texas Food Handler Training - $9.95

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Our comprehensive TABC and Texas Food Handlers courses are offered exclusively online, with live and email help to ensure you get certified quickly and easily.


When you purchase a course from My State Training, you have access to the course, review materials, and exam. You pay once, and everything is taken care of, even the $2 fee charged by the TABC.

Fast & Easy Access

Our courses are mobile and desktop friendly and self-paced. We provide a free second chance on the TABC course if you don't pass the first time, and the Texas Food Handlers course is NO FAIL! You can access our course anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

Risk Management

We provide owners and managers the ability to track employee course enrollment, progress, and completion. This tool will ensure your certifications are up-to-date, protecting both you and your business.

Bulk Purchase and Vouchers

A Bulk Purchase is a pre-payment for a TABC Seller-Server Certification or Food Handler Training course for two or more users. Since only individuals can actually register for the course itself, the Bulk Purchase option creates a pre-paid voucher for use by your employees/team members to use as the form of payment when they register.

Think of this as buying a pre-paid gift card - You tell us how many people you would like to get TABC Seller-Server Certified or Texas Food Handler certified and we will send the voucher code for you to give to your team. They will click on the Redeem Voucher button below to complete their individual registrations, using the pre-paid voucher code.

Online Texas Seller-Server Training

Bulk Purchase Redeem Voucher


Online Texas Food Handler Training

Bulk Purchase Redeem Voucher

Contact Help

Licensees: How can we help with your Risk Management and staff training needs? Please contact us at or by phone 512-628-4114.

Help Desk: Submit a support request by emailing us at or by phone 888-898-9456.

Hours: Phone support is available weekdays from 8AM to 4PM, excluding holidays. We will do our best to respond to email support requests as quickly as possible.